For 1,500 years, the game of chess has been one of the most well-known and most played games around the globe. Although the popularity of chess has been essentially overshadowed by the realistic graphics and immersive experiences of contemporary video games, its complex design nested underneath a surprisingly simple visage and readily accessible gameplay has proven that its popularityis capable of standing the test of time.

What About Video Chess?

Even along with the latest Call of Duty installment, there’s always a video rendition of the classic board game staking its ground inside next current-generation platforms. This isn’t a random coincidence at the slightest. Chess isn’t about the dopamine-fueled gratification of the instant kill or the PlayStation trophy; it’s about the methodical and intellectual war between two human players that could last as short as 30 seconds or as long as 30 years. In five years, that video game’s servers will most likely no longer exist, leaving the game incapable of a human vs. human match.

The Uniqueness of the Game

A quick game of chess popularity can be an enjoyable refuge from the expensive entry to the modern video game experience. With just a board and inexpensive pieces, you can pick up at even the dustiest of second-hand stores.Even boardless, you can still head to the local park and play on checkered tables. There’s a good chance you’ll find a worthy opponent, too.

The current video gaming world is filled with twitchy, split-second movements that are essentially the antithesis of board games, their video game translations included.Long, thought-out movements and actions would be novel to many current video gamers who rely mainly on “finger-eye coordination” and simply choosing a better weapon to beat their opponents. The popularity of chess popularity is no doubt in part due to the identically matched abilities of both opponents’ weapons: their pieces.

Chess is Here to Stay

For people seeking an outlet that quenches their thirst for fun and entertainment, a cranial exercise to help them stay on top of their mental game, or an enjoyable social interaction with a friend, chess can aid a plethora of mental faculties such aslogical thinking and delayed gratification, something quite hard to find in current video games. Its accessibility, simplicity, portability, and compatibility arejust some of the reasonschess’s popularity still stands tall in the 21st century and will still continue to prevail well into the next.