Chess is one of the most famous games in the world. Almost everyone knows how to play it. As common the game seems to be, either playing with a traditional chess board or as an online game, chess is not that simple. To successfully play chess, players need the master the rules, strategy, tactic, intuition, and intellectual prowess.

Although chess has been categorized as a traditional table game, fresh players have brought the game to new heights. New players have brought the spotlight back to chess since 2013. One of these players, Magnus Carlsen is Norwegian chess prodigy who had started to compete globally at a very young age. Carlsen’s playing style begun as aggressive but had become more flexible and intuitive as he continued to train. Even in comparison to the professional chess players throughout history, Carlsen has been called “the best player of all time.” Carlsen currently has the title world champion in his victory at the World Chess Championship in 2016.

Even Chess Prodigies Taste Defeat
Magnus Carlsen is one of the most amazing players in the history of Chess but even he had tasted defeat multiple times. Carlsen’s most recent defeat is during his participation in the 2017 World Chess Championship. He lost during the third round against Bu Xiangzhi. This defeat ousted him from the Championship. But despite this big loss, he is back into the chess arena in the Sinquefield Cup, one of the classic events of the Grand Chess Tour. He lost one game against Vachier-Lagrave but still landed the first place on the Grand Chess Tour. His victory continues at the Isle of Man Open and at the 2017 Champions Showdown.

Throughout his career, Carlsen had experienced defeat since the start of his chess career in 2004. But obviously, those defeats are not enough to faze him. Carlsen started out as an aggressive player but his style continued to improve that critics praised him for his ability to play in every position. Carlsen has an exceptional memory and is known to play with unpredictable openings to avoid getting defeated by mere statistics. Even in his current achievement, his love of Chess continues to inspire him to improve.

Carlsen has mentioned to the press that he continues to practice every day. Although he does not practice with a traditional board or through a computer anymore, he says he had memorized the chess board and practices in his head. With the trend he has shown the world, Carlsen’s chess play will only get better.