The Classical Boardgame
Chess is one of the most beloved games that are considered as the classics. Before the rise of the popular games that kids nowadays are probably more familiar with, chess had been around. Thankfully, until now, this classic board game is still being played by a lot of people. Competitions are being held within schools as well as the older people who are playing just for fun or for real cash prizes. Indeed, this means that the spirit of playing chess is still alive not only for the old people but for the younger ones as well. It is exhilarating to know that there are still tournaments being held not only for the sake of school competitions rather for those who are true enthusiast with chess.

What Makes A Good Chess Player?
Even those who are not very well-versed with the gameplay of chess will be struck with the abilities of an exemplary chess player. Why? Simply because of how they are able to strategize for winning the game. Playing chess do not only involve merely moving random pieces on the board or knowing the way they move. It is also about the ability to forecast and picture what would it be like when the moves are being made, not just in a short-term, but for the framework of the entire game. So, what makes a player great? It is all about strategy and their confidence.

Strategize The Way To Winning
The strategies to implement may differ from one player to another, thus, different recommendations are being made. Every player has the freedom to chose different types of strategies and one of them is the Sicilian Defense. Those who would want to get more knowledgeable about the game of chess shouldn’t miss this strategy as it is one of the most popular methods that trigger the asymmetry at once. The moves of this will be 1. e4 c5.

Pros & Cons
This type of move can be beneficial to white’s pieces since it entails the early potential attacks by it as well as the lead for development and initiative. Plus, there is more control with the center of the board, leaving the black pieces limited in movement. The con of the Sicilian Defense would mostly be with the black pieces as the advantages are more with the white chess pieces. However, since the climax is mostly only in the early parts, there will still be chances to go on the upper hand in the game inclining to your next strategies.